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Consider merging or establishing a branch office as the means to
gain a more competitive edge.  

TOPAZ ATTORNEY SEARCH is uniquely positioned to help law firms.

  • TOPAZ's experience, personal approach and track record
    affords us credible access to the top-level partners(s)
    talent . . . we know the "players."
  • TOPAZ knows how to get results, quickly and confidentially.
  • TOPAZ locates, screens and pre-qualifies possible merger
    or acquisition candidates:

    • Partners and Attorneys with business
    • Practice Groups
    • Entire Firms
  • TOPAZ understands the ultra sensitive nature of the search process,
    protecting and honoring the confidentiality of all information.
  • TOPAZ evaluates tangibles and intangibles, such as: firm philosophy and culture;
    practice mix; compensation structure; billing levels and rates; and possible client conflicts.
  • TOPAZ assists you with financial and feasibility issues.
  • TOPAZ guides and facilitates both sides through the entire time-consuming process,
    including negotiations.

Contact TOPAZ today for a confidential exploratory discussion.

Stewart M. Cohen, MBA, CPA
Chairman and Director of Mergers and Acquisitions
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