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TOPAZ's 20 Point Program - Search Process

1.     TOPAZ ATTORNEY SEARCH partners meet at client's facilities
to discuss your goals, define specific requirements of the job, 
including your “wish list,” and learn your firm culture in order
to customize the search.

2.     Commence research to identify and locate logical talent pool, 
e.g., particular practice and/or industry, utilizing our marketplace
knowledge, ever-expanding proprietary database and other resources.

3.     Implement search program and “target recruit” potential candidates 
within parameters of search criteria with appropriate credentials and
experience that appear to match.

4.     Discreetly initiate discussion to qualify candidates against the necessary job requirements
and essentials, including actual experience, salary and geographic requirements.

5.     Educate potential candidates about firm/company and “entice” them to become excited
about the job opportunity and the employer.

6.     Sift potential finalists, eliminating the “lookers” checking the marketplace and those simply
seeking a salary increase (possibly resulting in a counter-offer from current employer).

7.     Perform in-depth, face-to-face evaluation interviews with potential finalists; cover
complete background, experience, qualifications, salary, work ethic and “hot buttons.”

8.     Present only the candidates that have established patterns of accomplishment and success,
yielding highly qualified candidates to compare and evaluate competitively with one another; 
provide information available on candidates (not included on resume) such as salary, reason
for job change and personality..

9.     Assist client in selecting specific candidates to interview, arrange and coordinate interview
schedule and prepare both parties for interviews.

10.   Upon client request, provide writing samples, transcripts, transaction summaries, etc.

11.   Active involvement in the detailed debriefing of both the client and candidate to surface
any potential obstacle that could impact an offer of acceptance.

12.   After each interview, assist client in evaluation of each candidate by candidly assessing
strengths, weaknesses and incompatibilities and provide client with candidate(s)’s impression
and interest level upon debrief of candidate(s) after each interview.

13.   Arrange and coordinate additional interviews as necessary.

14.   Reconcile any differences with successful candidate(s) to smooth way for possible additional 
interviews and offer acceptance.

15.   Relocation:  When necessary, speak with spouse to discuss possible job change and relocation 
to assure that entire family unit is committed to new firm/company, position and location. 
Suggest realtors if interested.  Assist with travel arrangements when necessary.

16.   Upon request, perform reference checks and provide written reports.

17.   Assist and participate in any negotiations necessary to achieve offer acceptance.  
Discuss and coordinate possible offers to be made.

18.   Set the stage for acceptance of offer by the candidate.  Review in detail complete offer package,
including benefits, relocation package and answer additional questions.

19.   Counsel candidate on inadvisability and pitfalls of considering or accepting any possible
“counter-offer” current employer might make, and assist successful candidate in cleanly
terminating current position and get start date.

20.   Follow up after placement with both new employee and client for an extended period of time 
to assure smooth, effective new employee integration.


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