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  • TOPAZ ATTORNEY SEARCH successfully conducts in-house searches, specializing
    in the target recruitment of General Counsels and Corporate Counsels.
    We represent companies ranging from large corporations to establishing the
    in-house function for growing companies. TOPAZ is known for our unrivaled
    personalized service. We customize a search that is confidential and exclusive to
    your special needs.
  • TOPAZ understands that the in-house hiring process is different
    than that of law firms.  It is often more protracted.  In addition to
    meeting with attorneys in the legal department, it is not uncommon
    to also meet corporate executives, line managers and other “clients,”
    human resource managers and sometimes, even the company’s outside counsel.
  • TOPAZ partners work closely with Executive Management, Human Resources and the
    General Counsel (if appropriate), to gain a better understanding of your organization’s unique
    needs and culture. We help to define your "wish list." TOPAZ understands that great importance
    is placed on personal characteristics, how well a candidate will fit in with your culture, and the
    interaction with diverse business people and groups. Perfect credentials are not enough!
  • Corporate clients require us to quickly target candidates who meet a complex blend of needs --
    particular substantive skills, industry experience, “chemistry,” business acumen -- all within
    a specific salary band.
  • We then develop a strategy plan to commence our rigorous target-recruitment program.
    TOPAZ’s extensive networking and referral base and powerful state-of-the-art proprietary
    database enable us to quickly identify, screen, recruit and deliver the unattainable superstars.
    Our exhaustive screening includes in-depth personal interviews when geographically feasible.
    We evaluate both substantive skills and the intangibles - personality, presence, business
    acumen and leadership potential/capabilities.
  • Our high standards insure that our corporate clients receive a select quality array of appropriate
    candidates that match your company’s distinct requirements and culture, and that are within
    your allotted budget.
  • Throughout the process, we act as an extension of and with your Human Resources Department, continuing to work with you, assisting in comparing and evaluating the candidates, aid in negotiation discussions and follow up.  We act as your advocate, educating the candidates and ultimately encouraging the top candidate to accept the offer.


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