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“‘Thank you’ cannot even begin to
convey how I feel about both of you
and your company!  I would never have
gotten this wonderful new position as General
Counsel with out the expert, professional
and knowledgeable help you provided throughout
the very long process. Your personal approach,
support and encouragement are a gift and a
rarity.  Rest assured that I will not only
recommend TOPAZ, but also, engage you
to fill my legal department!!”

S.H., General Counsel, U.S. Operations,
International company  

“Thank you for all of the help and support
you have given me.  Plus, you are scrupulous

about confidentiality.  I wouldn't hesitate
for a moment to refer anyone I knew to
you.  As soon as I settle in,
I will be calling you with a search
for an associate for my team.”
H.P. - Partner in major law firm

“I just want to thank you (and frankly, I
can’t thank you enough), for all of your
help with landing the awesome position
at North Jersey Media Group.  Your
advice was invaluable and I couldn’t
have done it without you. You have such
great insight into people, and it is obvious
that you truly care about the clients you
serve, as well as the candidates.   I will
always be grateful to you for your patience,
assistance, efficiency and thoroughness
through the whole process.  I really appreciate
all your efforts.”
D.S. – Counsel, Multi-media company

“Our meetings and conversations were very
beneficial and much appreciated. In particular,
your detailed knowledge of each and every firm
that I considered was extraordinary. Stewart,
your assistance in putting together my billing
history and projections was simply and I would
not have been able to get this opportunity
without your help.”
M. A. – Partner, Global Firm

“I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for all that
you did for me in connection with my new
position. The follow up and prep for the
interviews during the entire process was
unbelievable.  Your assistance negotiating
the offer was done professionally and with
my best interests at heart. Your honesty,
kindness and professionalism made it a
pleasure to work with you.”
M.K. – Partner, large firm

“I would like to take this opportunity to
thank you for placing me at Day Pitney.  
I am already confident that I am going
to be extremely happy, and the work
was exactly what I was looking for. 
You are very professional and
thorough, from prep for an
interview through negotiation.”
F.C. - Partner, regional firm

“I have never had a headhunter give such
detailed and accurate information about the
personalities and their respective viewpoints
of prospective interviewers.  Your information
was so on-target.  My new position couldn't be
a better fit  -  I could not have got it without
your help.  Thank you very so much.”
R. P. – Partner, large regional firm

“What stands out most in my mind is your
professional style.  Moreover, quite rare, to
find a recruitment firm take such personal
interest in helping a candidate through a
most difficult and emotional time.  Changing
jobs is quite stressful, but your compassion
and patience are commendable.   I only hope
that an opportunity arises that would allow me
to return your kind and expert help.”
G.Z., Assistant General Counsel, large company

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help
(not to mention your psychological coaching)
in this process.   It was a real pleasure working
with someone of your caliber and spirit (finally,
someone who knows what she is doing!).  I will
refer all of my friends your way.”
S.A. - Partner, Regional firm

“Ronni and Stewart are absolute professionals. 
They place your career first - regardless of
whether they make a placement.  Since I
was recruited – and truly “not looking,” I
was amazed how they recommended what
was truly in my best interest, something that
I cannot say about any other recruiters that I
have spoken with in the past.  Upon meeting
them for the first time, they provided insight
as to how to present myself in the best light. 
Ronni then put together an artfully worded
profile that provided much more that any
resume ever could. I absolutely am convinced
that due to their strong relationships and
credibility with their clients helped get me
several interviews.  Throughout the process,
they always kept in mind what I had told them
I would look for if I made a move.  I recommend
TOPAZ wholeheartedly, and hope that I will have
the opportunity to utilize their services as I grow
my practice with the firm.”
K.R. – Partner, Global firm

“I had a great experience with TOPAZ.  The job
search is an emotional roller coaster, and I
needed a professional that was familiar with
the process.Pamela was great, not only with
the details, but also with the personal stress
of the search.  I got a number of amazing
offers through her. I know that I never would
have had access to those opportunities without
her help, nor would I have been able to turn
them into offers.  Plus, I spent more time
laughing with her as a friend than anything
else, and that was exactly what I needed. 
I give Pamela my highest recommendation
to any lawyer considering a change.”
K.L. - Partner, Global firm

“My decision to work with Ronni and Stewart at
TOPAZ to move to another firm with my practice
group was well made.  They met with me and
demonstrated a remarkable wealth of knowledge
regarding possible firms and the legal market as
well as a tireless effort to help me find the right
fit.  They were always available (even weekends)
to advise us about the process, people we were
meeting and any questions that came up.  While
I was interviewing at other office locations,
Ronni even arranged to have my wife come along
and spend the day at a spa while I was
interviewing. Stewart’s expertise in putting
together a “grid” with our client history
regarding billing, collections and projections
was above and beyond what was expected.
What professionals! We could not have asked
to work with better recruiters, and even
more so, better people!”  
C.I. – Managing Partner & Chair, Labor/Employment, Global firm

“I wish to express my sincere appreciation for
the work TOPAZ has provided in helping me land
that “right” job.  In particular, Stewart, your
assistance, knowledge, and enthusiasm are
unparalleled.   You ‘educated’ me about the
company I would be visiting, and even quizzed
me with sample interview questions.  Your
suggestions were always on target and your
guidance throughout so helpful.  Thank you
again for all your help.  I can assure that
recommendations will be coming your way.”
K.G. – Assistant General Counsel, Pharmaceutical company

“I would like to extend my sincere appreciation
and thanks for the great efforts that you put into
helping me through my search process.  I also
valued the personalized time, attention and sound
advice you provided me with.  I am sure that I
could not have worked with a better or more
caring recruiter.  I always had complete
confidence in your skills and integrity. 
Again, many thanks for the great job.”
V.M. – Partner, Boutique law firm

“Ronni provided invaluable advice as to how to
position myself and my background for maximum
effectiveness, whether by resume or in the
interview itself.  Finally, the "moral support"
that she was happy to provide was a bonus very
much appreciated.  In short, I landed the job
I wanted, and I felt better throughout the whole
process as a result of working with Ronni. 
I would highly recommend her to anybody
thinking about a new job.”
B.H., Counsel, Telecommunications company

“I have been truly impressed by your
professionalism and your courtesy. 
Your guidance and tips regarding the job
market certainly helped me to gain real insight
and my current job.  I hope that I can repay your
kindness in the near future as I (hopefully) get
promoted and in a hiring capacity.”
R.W., Counsel, Utilities company

“Aside from being very knowledgeable about the
market and arranging several great opportunities,
you were incredibly easy to talk to, and I
genuinely believed that you had my best interest
at heart.  You were always there to speak with
me and to ease my anxieties, and I am truly
grateful to you. I consider myself very lucky
to have worked with you and attribute much
of my success in this job search to your
assistance.  If you ever need me to serve
as a reference for other lawyers, feel
absolutely free to call on me. 
It's the least I can do to thank you.”
D.L. - Partner, Global firm

“I just wanted to let you know how much I
valued working with you during this daunting
process.  As you know, I was working with
another recruiter.  There was such a stark
difference in my experiences with you and
the other recruiter.  Your knowledge of the
market place, interview preparation and
insightful advice helped more than I can
say.  You were always available for a quick
question or update.   You are also a very
pleasant person to work with. When any
of my colleagues ask if I know of a
recruiter, I will be sending them your way. 
Again, thanks for all of your help.”
J.B. - Partner, large law firm

“Ronni, working with you has been a pure
pleasure.  Your attentiveness, honesty
and professionalism is most appreciated. 
I cannot begin to thank you for all your
help and constructive guidance.  This
experience with TOPAZ has been unlike no other
and I am confident that my new position is going
to be the beginning of a whole new career for
me! I have you to thank for that.”

G.K. - Partner, Pharmaceutical company

“I had a wonderful experience working with
Pamela at TOPAZ. She was extremely helpful
from the very first stage of my job search. 
She helped me refine my presentation for
maximum effectiveness and was always
quick to respond to the questions and
concerns I had about various firms, both before
and after my interviews.  She truly cares about
the people that she works with.”

C.W. – Counsel, large firm

“The briefing you provided prior to each and
every one of the interviews was especially
helpful.  Your observations and comments
allowed me to be more comfortable during
the interview, and, therefore, I believe
I came across much better and was
selected for this wonderful position!  
I will continue to recommend TOPAZ
to any attorney that I meet and
promise to call you as soon as
we are ready to hire additional lawyers.”

R.P. Deputy General Counsel, Fortune 100 company

“I can never thank you enough for steering
me in the direction of AT&T and guiding me
through the hiring process. You’ve
changed my life for the better, and I
will always appreciate that.  You promised me
I wouldn’t find more pleasant people to work
with and you were so right.  From the bottom
of my heart, I truly thank you for all your
help and guidance.  I have no words to express
my appreciation to you for making my dream
of a stable career become a reality.”
M.D. – Partner, Fortune 500 company

“Ronni, you were instrumental in my getting
my dream job at an outstanding consumer
products company.You took a lot of time with

me to gain an understanding of my goals,
priorities, strengths and weaknesses
and to help me prepare for my interviews. 
Unlike other recruiters with whom I had
experience, she actually helped reduce the
stress in the job search process.  I cannot
thank you enough for everything.
You are the BEST!”

VP & Senior International Counsel,
Industrial products company

“Stewart is an experienced recruiter and
I found him to be professional and accurate
in his assessment of the nature of the
work and workplace environment.
Additionally, he took time to counsel me
through the process, providing
excellent service throughout.”
N.P. - Counsel, Global firm

“I am so excited for to start at my new firm.
I am certainly a tremendous beneficiary of
your services, and I can't recommend them
to enough people." Further, your
professionalism, and, even more so,
empathy to the enormous emotional
impact of changing firms is a scarcity
in legal recruitment.”
L.K. - Partner, Global firm

“I want to thank you for all the advice
and counseling you have provided me. 
Your ideas, information and suggestions
have truly helped prepare me for the
interviews, and have enabled me to
obtain the position.  I do not hesitate
in saying that you are a true professional
and one of the best in your field.”
W.L. – Partner, Global firm

“I really appreciate all your time and efforts,
especially the way in which you thought out
of the box.  The end result is I now have
a new firm, thanks to both of you, that fits
the exact description of my ‘dream’ job
(‘in the real world’ as you say).”

A.J. – Partner, large Global firm

“I am now settled into my new job, and I
wanted to express my enormous thanks
to you for being such a wonderful headhunter.
Your assistance, advice, and support,
including your critical advice regarding
my resume, practicing tough interview
questions with me, giving me moral support, and
for calling me every couple weeks since my new
job started to make sure that all was going well.
I am truly grateful for everything you have
done.  Thank you again.”
J.G., Partner, Global law firm

“I wanted to thank you again for your help
throughout the process.  Your insight and
knowledge of the local legal market was a
tremendous help.  I also appreciated your
candor and advice when I was evaluating
the various opportunities presented to me.
Most of all, I am grateful you helped steer
me towards the opportunity that was best
for me.  I would be glad to recommend
you to any colleague considering making
a professional change.”
M.E. - Partner, Global firm

“TOPAZ Attorney Search is a wonderful resource
for attorneys considering a lateral move. Your
recruiters are very accessible and knowledgeable
about the entire interviewing process . . . 
extremely professional and accommodating in
providing me with assistance and advice from
the beginning of the process all the way to the
absolute end.  Such support was very critical to
me in my job search.  With TOPAZ’s assistance
and guidance, I landed more than one interview
and received more than one offer in a very short
period of time.  I am so excited to be moving
back to my hometown to embark on this new
adventure at one of the most prestigious firms
in the entire state, all of which was made
possible by TOPAZ. Many thanks.”

P.K. – Partner, Large regional firm 

“There is no way that a simple ‘thank you’ can
express my gratitude for your efforts.  You took
more time meeting with me and expended more
effort preparing and guiding me than I ever
could have ever expected.  You went farther
than the ‘extra mile.’  You earned my trust at
our first meeting, and my undying gratitude
with your work from that date through
placement.  I have referred friends to you,
who have been just as pleased with your
company and services.”

R.B. - Partner, Global law firm

“Ronni, I deeply appreciate the time that you
spent helping me with search, including coaching
me before the interview and providing advice on
handling the offer. Throughout the process, you
were supportive and patient and you let me
make my own decisions at my own pace. 
Whenever any of my colleagues are looking for
a new position, I always recommend you,
telling them that you are the best recruiter
I have ever worked with. Thanks again for
your kindness, and your efforts on my behalf.
I wish you the best. ”
R.P., Partner,
Consumer products company

“Thank you so much for your feedback and
insights.  I definitely found our conversations
to be very helpful, and I expect that I will walk
into my interviews with added valuable
knowledge and much more confidence because
of it.  The profile you provided was simply
incredible.  It is no wonder that you are very
successful in your job and am grateful to be
working with you!”
C.H. – Partner,
Generic Pharmaceutical company

“TOPAZ Attorney Search delivered as promised -
and more. I highly recommend them to any
lawyer ready to make a career move.  I cannot
overstate how pleased I am with the valuable
assistance and sound advice provided and the
results that TOPAZ helped me obtain.”

C.J. – Partner, Consumer products company

“Thanks so much for your kind efforts and
splendid encouragement.  I will continue
to recommend TOPAZ because I believe
you are real professionals in this field.”
L.R. – Partner, Large law firm

“Your professionalism and dedication to
understanding each candidate's needs are
most impressive. Thank you for your
excellent services and advice during
my job search.”
P.L. – Partner, Mid-sized firm

“What an incredible team you are!  Your
different strengths complement each other
beautifully.  My experience with you and
Stewart was not only professionally
rewarding, but personally satisfying for
myself and my family.  Moreover, your
knowledge of the legal market is nothing short
of impressive. Further, your assessments of the
strengths and weaknesses of the practices at
the various law firms under consideration was
candid and useful.  You gave me insight into the
cultures of the different firms, helping me
evaluate which firms might be the best fit for
me.  However, you both went way above and
beyond – by counseling my husband about his
business issues, with sage and practical advice.
You have truly displayed what bright,
knowledgeable, caring and professional
recruiters should be.   I will always remember
how kind you have been to me and my
family during a difficult time in our lives.”
P.M. – Partner, Global firm

“It is an honor to have had Ronni Gaines as a
recruiter. Ronni actually carefully listens, tactfully
advises and renders encouragement and
valuable feedback throughout the process.”
A.S., Counsel, large law firm

“I have recommended TOPAZ to numerous
colleagues and will continue to do so,
without reservation.”
P.W. – Partner, Boutique law firm

“I have never had such a positive experience
with a search firm.  Stewart - you were a
pleasure to work with. I respected all of your
very constructive advice and insight.  I would,
without hesitation, refer people to you.”
C.C. – Partner, Large regional firm

“Ronni is truly phenomenal - she really cares
about each of her candidates.  She is a personal
cheerleader, a therapist and a great listener. 
She coached me through the entire process from
the initial interview through the final acceptance
phase.  I appreciate all of the time and effort
Ronni spent helping me.  Thank you many
times over!” 
H.M. Partner, Regional law firm

“Stewart's expert assistance with my job search
was invaluable.  He prepared a profile to
accompany my resume, which made a concise,
powerful case as to why I would be a perfect
candidate for his clients. He was also always
extremely helpful and responsive to my
questions.  As a result, after numerous
interviews, I ultimately received and accepted
an offer.  Stewart gets my strong, unqualified
endorsement as a levelheaded and
knowledgeable resource for any lawyer
looking to make a move.”
C.Z., Counsel, International Manufacturing company

“I want you to know you have been absolutely
superb.  You work very hard and do an excellent
job.  I thought all legal recruiters were
essentially the same.  I am pleasantly surprised
that I was wrong.  Thanks again!”
A.L. – Partner, mid-sized firm

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